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MyTankInfo Is Compatible with Many Automatic Tank Gauges and Is Easy to Install

MyTankInfo Network Architecture
The MyTankInfo Automatic Inventory Module hardware communicates via the Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) communications protocol standard.  This means our hardware will work with Veeder-Root ATGs, such as the TLS-300, 350, and 450.  Other ATG manufacturers such as OPW, Petrovend, EMCO, Franklin Fueling. Incon, and Red Jacket (in a variety of models) have also adopted this protocol standard.  If you have one of these non-Veeder-Root models please contact us at sales@MyTankInfo.com so we can assist you to ensure ATG compatibility.

Veeder-Root TLS-350 ATG example:

Connecting your ATG to the Internet is simple.  A small cable connects the TLS-350’s RS-232 port or Site Fax Modem to the MyTankInfo hardware.  On the other side, a standard CAT5 cable  connects our hardware  to your router or switch .  If you do not have an Internet router, there is an available cellular interface instead.  All required components are provided with our hardware kits.

Beta sites 004 v2

DSC_0562 v2


Once connected, the MyTankInfo hardware will push ATG data hourly to our cloud servers.  The hardware does all the Internet connectivity work for you, making it very user friendly!