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How MyTankInfo Delivers User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Fuel Inventory Management

You may have read, “MyTankInfo is a cloud-based, hardware-enabled, software solution designed for the management of bulk fuel at fueling facilities”.  Let us provide a more detailed explanation into what this means…

Cloud-based Platform Enables Mobile Access to Inventory Info

“Cloud-based” applications live on the Internet rather than on your local computer. One major advantage for you as a user is that you can access those applications wherever you are, via your Internet connection (PCs, iPads, Mobile phones, etc.).  Cloud-based solutions are a way to add capabilities with immediate results without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software.  Our servers are hosted in a world-class datacenter, away from your physical site, where we ensure consistent and reliable performance.  Our solution is subscription-based, meaning you pay a low annual fee.  We take care of server maintenance, software updates, and data backup for your sites, saving you time, money, and IT headaches.

MyTankInfo Hardware ‘Pushes’ Data to Prevent Security Breaches

In applications where your site has an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), it is valuable to connect it to the Internet.  In years past your options here were costly and problematic; a physical connection to an onsite PC or via a modem connected to a phone line.  Technology has evolved and for many reasons customers are choosing network communications alternatives.  The challenge is not only cost (most IP cards for ATG systems are extremely expensive) but security as well.  Poking holes in a firewall to allow an ATG to be “polled” for its information sets you up for a potential breach in your data security.  Added, deploying a polling engine within your firewall, is an extensive IT project.  We solve these challenges by installing a small, low cost proprietary hardware device at your site.  One side plugs into your ATG’s RS-232 port and the other into an available Ethernet port on your Internet router.  Based on a hourly schedule, this device “pushes” your information to our servers.  The benefits are huge, no modems, no phone lines, no switch boxes, no IT projects, all the while keeping your network secure.

Modular Software Makes Fuel Inventory Management Affordable

Our solution is modular in construction.  Fuel Inventory, Environmental Compliance and Reconciliation are our first available modules.  The beauty of our modular design is you pick and choose what modules you want, so you don’t pay for modules that aren’t valuable to you.  As our developments continue, customer demands are met and further innovation continues to influence our ever-evolving fuel industry, we will continue to evolve our product solutions.

Inventory Management Solutions from Fuel Industry Experts

Fuel is our expertise.  Although we are a relatively new company, we have a combined 45+ years experience in the fuel industry.  That means we offer a unique value to our customers; the right mix of technology and fuel industry knowledge.  There are lots of hardware companies out there that sell myopic remote communications software, written from a hardware point of view.  Alternatively, there are lots of pure software companies selling “high tech” solutions with little to no knowledge of fuel.  As a customer, the best scenario is to buy software from someone that has the right balance of fuel expertise and technology.  That’s who we are, that’s why our solution is so compelling.  We are not here to only sell hardware or software.  We are here to provide a solution with real-world savings to your bottom line, that’s what sets us apart.