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MyTankInfo is proud to announce a Summer Special that allows fuel site operators and fuel distributors to try MyTankInfo’s cloud-based, hardware-enabled fuel management software for 90 days for only $500. The Summer Special runs through Aug. 31.

Customers who sign up for the Summer Special will receive:

  • MyTankInfo’s cost-effective hardware
  • All of MyTankInfo’s current inventory management software services
  • A credit towards future services if you sign a 12-month contract for MyTankInfo’s fuel inventory management services

“This introductory offer enables operators to try MyTankInfo’s user-friendly fuel management solution without the risk of a long-term financial commitment,” said Mike Buck, Vice President of MyTankInfo.

When installed with compatible tank gauges, MyTankInfo requires very little additional equipment or infrastructure to become operational. MyTankInfo uses existing Internet connections, and, because installation is simple, most site operators can install the device themselves. This significantly reduces the upfront costs that users must pay, when compared to competitors’ fuel management solutions.

 Simple & Secure Inventory Management

MyTankInfo’s cloud-based, hardware-enabled inventory management solution offers the following benefits to fuel marketers and fuel distributors:

  • Displays inventory levels and estimates when tanks will run out of fuel
  • Web interface is easy to navigate and software is easy to use
  • Simple installation and straightforward per-site pricing make MyTankInfo ideal for small, large and growing organizations
  • SMS alarm notifications and mobile management capabilities streamline management requirements
  • Cloud-based platform reduces IT costs

To learn more about how MyTankInfo can improve operations at your fuel site, or for more information about our Summer Special, please contact MyTankInfo today.