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Reconciliation Module: Fuel Inventory Reconciliation and Reporting Made Easy

In November of 1993 the United States Environmental Protection Agency released EPA 510-B-93-004 “Doing Inventory Control Right”.  If inventory control is part of your leak detection, this booklet is designed to make sure you do it correctly.  The MyTankInfo reconciliation module is designed to generate this report for you, commonly referred to as your “Over and Short Report”.

There are 4 pieces of data per product required to complete your report; Beginning Inventory, Ending Inventory, Deliveries, and Sales Volume (amount pumped).  This data can be collected many different ways; with a Tank stick, Automatic Tank Gauge, BOL, POS, or even pump totalizers.  The MyTankInfo reconciliation module will automate the collection and associated computations required, as well as store this data in our cloud servers so reports can be generated for Federal or State agencies as needed.

At the most basic level you can easily manually enter your data either via a mobile phone or our secure website.  Imagine how easy it would be to simply input your data via mobile phone as the tank is being sticked!  The other advantage the module provides is the report will do all the math for you as well as identify any missing data.

Alternatively, 3 out of the 4 data points are easily collected from an Automatic Tank Gauge should one be present.  All you need to enter is your Sales Volume or share this data with us via an electronic means and we’ll populate it for you.

In future developments we will have interfaces with Point of Sale devices to full automate this report for you, stay tuned…


  • Manual entry of data at your leisure via mobile phone of website
  • ATG Data recorded daily
  • ATG data collection “now” for more immediate data needs
  • EPA Inventory Control Report
    • Date of record
    • Product
    • Tank Number
    • Starting Volume
    • Ending Volume
    • Deliveries Volume
    • Sales Volume
    • Differential Volume
    • Water Height
  • Other State specific IC reports
    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • New York

Site Management

  • Intuitive tab-style site navigation
  • Ability to group your sites as you wish for management purposes
  • Site information visibility
    • City, State, Zip code
    • Phone number
    • Site contact

Base Functionality

  • Secure Website Access
  • Supports scalable device viewing from PC, Tablet, or Mobile phone
  • Login and Password administration
  • Company administration
  • Site administration


Example Report

Recon Report 7-10-13