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MyTankInfo has added new functionality for customers at no additional cost text messaging.  When your MyTankInfo solution is connected to an ATG, say Veeder-Root TLS 350 for example, any time an alarm or warning is generated MyTankInfo will send a brief text message to your mobile phone notifying you of the condition.  Examples of typical inventory-related ATG generated conditions are; Overfill, High Level, Delivery Needed, Low Product, and High Water.  With many retailers maintaining Just In Time (JIT) fuel inventory levels, being promptly alerted to site needs are critical.  Once a text message is received they can easily be forwarded to the person that is organizationally responsible to resolve them.  Pushing this information to the right staff member reduces reliance on site personnel who are normally engaged in other aspects of the business.  A customer in Middletown, Ohio said that he LOVES how we push alarms via text message, to his mobile phone. Why make busy people go get it?? WE DON’T!!