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MyTankInfo’s Simplicity Makes Cost-Effective Fuel Inventory Management Possible


The challenge that is created with the flexibility of a truly modular solution is that many things must be considered when calculating a price.  In an effort to not dodge the question, the following rough cost is based on what is deployed with the majority of our existing customers today.

Fuel Inventory Module (Manual Entry) $360/site/year*


Fuel Inventory Module (ATG Automated Entry) $600/site/year*, and
Hardware for ATG interface, a one-time cost of $350

*MyTankInfo base price is for customers with up to 10 sites.  Tiered software discounts are available for customers with more than 10 sites.

Cost Example

As you know communicating with your Veeder-Root used to be an expensive proposition.  MyTankInfo’s breakthrough technology is not only easy to install, but inexpensive as well.
The Old Way
Telephone line @ $50/site/mo.
TLS-350 Fax/Modem @ $525
Fax/modem Install @ $250
Remote Software @ $2,100

= $2,875 upfront and $600/yr.

The MyTankInfo Way

Uses existing Internet @ $0
RS-232 port @ $300 (if needed)
MyTankInfo S2E @ $350
S2E Install @ $0 (easily self-installed)
MyTankInfo Software @ $600/yr.

= Either $350 or $650 upfront and $600/yr. (it takes 42 months or 3.5 years to equal their $2,100 software price)

We need to ensure that you have;
1. Have a Veeder-Root or compatible tank gauge
2. That it has a RS-232 port or fax/modem
3. Your site has Internet

Getting Started

Our 3 step process to get started is quite simple:

  • Step I – Agreement.  Complete the “Request More Information” form to the right.  One of our distributors be contacted and will walk you through the process.  There is an annual subscription fee per site.  If your site has an ATG that you wish to connect to the solution there is also a one-time expense for the hardware device.
  • Step II – Implementation.  We prepare for your deployment of software in our datacenter, which takes only a few minutes.  If you have purchased the manual entry capability we will then email you a User ID and Password to get you started.  If you have purchased the hardware device to connect your ATG, this hardware is shipped to you for self- installation.  Once installed, you are sent your User ID and Password credentials automatically.
  • Step III – Go Live.  Simply log in, if you have selected Manual Entry, you are ready to start entering inventories. If you selected the ATG Automated Entry, once your hardware is installed, it will have already establish a connection with the server automatically.

Never fear, we are ready to support you to ensure everything meets your needs.