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For fuel delivery companies and gas stations, timing is everything.

With the price of fuel in constant fluctuation, the ability to time fuel purchases in conjunction with falling fuel prices can directly affect profit margins. MyTankInfo’s cloud-based, hardware-enabled inventory management solution makes higher profit margins possible.

Such is the case for Indiana-based fuel supplier National Oil & Gas, where MyTankInfo’s inventory forecasting tool has transformed operations from a manual pen and paper system to an agile and streamlined delivery operation.

“MyTankInfo has been instrumental in helping National Oil improve its bottom line. It enables us to optimize the timing of our fuel purchases for – and the dispatching of fuel deliveries to – almost 300 fuel sites. Our logistics processes have been completely transformed,” said Craig Baumgartner, I.T. Manager for National Oil & Gas. “MyTankInfo allows us to project when tanks will run out of fuel. This information enables us to efficiently coordinate our labor and transportation resources to effectively supply the fuel our customers need.”

In addition to the run-out tool, which Baumgartner describes as “set-it-and-forget-it,” MyTankInfo’s user-friendly software enables National Oil to leverage its inventory data well beyond logistics management; the fuel delivery service exports its inventory data into an Excel spreadsheet for use in their back-end accounting software.

“MyTankInfo is a no-brainer. The website analytics are extremely easy to use and the software is very straightforward,” Baumgartner said.

Now is the perfect time to try out MyTankInfo’s fuel management efficiencies at your fueling operation. Our Summer Special, which runs now through Aug. 31, allows fuel site operators and fuel distributors to try MyTankInfo’s fuel management solution for 90 days for only $500. Learn more about the details of MyTankInfo’s Summer Sale here or contact us for more information.