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MyTankInfo is proud to announce the release of significant additional functionality.  Subscribers to the MyTankInfo system receive this upgrade at no additional cost, one of the primary benefits of being a MyTankInfo cloud-based software customer.  “This release is a direct reflection of our customer base and their needs” says John Nesbit, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We are keen to understand our customer’s business processes and add value to their solution accordingly”.

Key functionality additions include:

  • Security/Multi-User – MyTankInfo software is licensed by sites, not users.  Customers can now create unique User IDs for anyone in the business process including; Fuel Suppliers, Tanker Drivers, Wholesalers, basically anyone in the supply chain who need visibility to fuel, compliance , or reconciliation data.  Added each user can be defined to have specific permissions as to what sites, tanks, or even data types they will be able to see.
  • Notifications – MyTankInfo has always had the ability to send an email or SMS text message to a user’s mobile phone based on events/alarms generated by the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG).  Our new functionality takes this functionality a step further by allowing each contact to define what specific alarms or alarms types they want to receive and by which method, email or SMS.
  • Additional Standard Reports – Standard reports have always been available to assist with Fuel, Compliance, and Reconciliation Management.  MyTankInfo now has the following reports available by site, site group, or enterprise wide;
    • Alarm History
    • Tank Compliance, Last and Fullest Monthly Test
      • 0.1 gal/hr
      • 0.2 gal/hr
      • 3 gal/hr
    • Line Compliance,  Last and Fullest Monthly Test
      • 0.1 gal/hr
      • 0.2 gal/hr
      • 3 gal/hr
    • Reconciliation per Tank/Product
      • EPA format for all required States
      • State formats for CT, NY, MA
    • Notification Report

    New Reports include:

    • Prioritized Runout
    • Current Inventory
    • Deliveries History
    • Most Recent Deliveries
    • Active Alarms