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MyTankInfo, which is already one of the easiest to use fuel inventory planning and management tools in the industry to operate, is introducing a new fuel inventory reconciliation software module that will make fuel management ever easier and more efficient. MyTankInfo invites you to stop by Booth 525 at M-PACT, which takes place March 22-24 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, to learn more.

Manual inventory reconciliation procedures are costly, time-consuming and error-prone — especially for fuel sites that are not supported by back-end office software. MyTankInfo’s new fuel inventory reconciliation software module, which will be available soon, will enable fuel retailers to significantly streamline their reconciliation procedures and compliance management by automating data collection and calculation, as well as compliance reporting.

The new fuel inventory reconciliation software module will provide the following benefits:

  • Saves operators the time and resources currently dedicated to manually gathering fuel inventory measurements on a daily basis
  • Significantly streamlines compliance management by automatically recognizing your site’s state and entering the reconciliation data into the state-appropriate compliance report
  • Eliminates data errors that occur during manual fuel inventory reconciliation calculations
  • By reducing the oversight needed for reconciliation procedures, training and compliance management costs are decreased
  • Helps operators identify equipment problems by offering a reliable indication of the integrity of tanks, piping and dispensing systems
  • Helps operators recognize delivery shortages
  • Compatibility with the current MyTankInfo device means no hardware upgrades will be required for existing MyTankInfo customers

The new fuel inventory reconciliation module is part of MyTankInfo’s commitment to providing easy-to-use technology solutions to fuel retailers and distributors that help them improve their bottom lines. As a cloud-based, hardware-enabled fuel inventory management solution, MyTankInfo simplifies fuel inventory planning and fuel inventory analysis. MyTankInfo’s web-based platform and simple installation make the device a cost-effective fuel inventory management solution for today’s marketers, while MyTankInfo’s ability to integrate with other compliance and fleet logistics platforms enables marketers to leverage their investment to the fullest extent possible.

If you are unable to attend M-PACT and you’d like more information about how MyTankInfo’s new fuel inventory reconciliation module can simplify compliance management at your site, please email Mike.Buck@MyTankInfo.com.