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Modern fuel sites are composed of many interconnected technologies that are growing more and more sophisticated every day. In addition, these complex systems, while critical to operations, can be difficult to understand. However, a working knowledge of “essential” fuel site systems is a critical part of making informed and strategic equipment acquisitions for the future.

With considerable on-site experience helping fuel retailers and distributors streamline their fuel inventory management, MyTankInfo is glad to share our expertise. In this article, we provide an overview of several fuel site “fundamentals.” A basic understanding of the following equipment will help operators optimize future equipment selections, ensuring that the equipment is appropriately specified for their site’s needs now and in the future.

Automatic Tank Gauge

Function: Automatic tank gauges monitor fuel storage tanks at retail and commercial fuel sites, providing operators basic data about inventory levels as well as alerts about leaks in critical areas of the fuel system.
Primary Benefit: ATGs assist with compliance management at fuel sites.

Card Lock System

Function: Card lock systems are installed at unattended commercial fueling operations — ranging from municipalities to membership-only truck stops — and prevent unauthorized users from accessing fuel.
Primary Benefit: By tracking fuel usage, card lock systems automate fueling authorizations, providing access and accountability to unattended fuel operations where fuel theft and misuse of fuel resources could be a problem.

Point-of-Sale System

Function: Point of Sale systems process transactions at retail fuel sites.
Primary Benefit: Capable of advanced retail management, today’s POS systems are much more than just cash registers. In addition to processing transactions, site operators can utilize compatible POS systems to update prices, configure discounts, promotions and loyalty programs, streamline site management through forecourt and C-Store management tools, and more.

Fuel Site Controller

Function: Fuel site controllers represent the nerve center of most retail and larger commercial fueling operations. These “hubs” interface with other on-site systems including dispensers, ATGs, card lock systems, POS systems and external card authorization networks, serving as both a fueling gatekeeper and payment facilitator.
Primary Benefit: With a wide range of features and fuel management software assets available, fuel site controllers offer the ability to significantly streamline site management.

Simplifying Fuel Inventory Management

With so many advanced systems now installed at fuel sites, it can be difficult for any one operator to manage them all. MyTankInfo’s cloud-based, hardware-enabled inventory management solution simplifies fuel inventory management by migrating automatic tank gauge inventory and compliance data to a user-friendly web interface. MyTankInfo software not only makes mobile management possible, it integrates with other compliance and fleet logistics software to create efficiencies across multiple platforms.

We encourage site operators to continue to visit the MyTankInfo Knowledge page for information that will help them enhance operations at their fuel site. In a future article, we will highlight accessory equipment, including MyTankInfo, that helps operators maximize both operational efficiency and profitability. To receive a notification when new insights from MyTankInfo are available, please email Mike.Buck@MyTankInfo.com.