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Fuel Inventory Module: Comprehensive Fuel Level Data, Tank Alarm Information and More

The MyTankInfo Fuel Inventory module takes advantage of several new technologies to provide state of the art fuel management capability. Due to the advanced technology available, MyTankInfo is far more advanced compared to any other solution available in the market today.  Welcome to the future- where the large and small companies have access to the latest and greatest technology in the oil industry.  The MyTankInfo Fuel Inventory module makes these advanced capabilities available to everyone, and then exceeds them!


Fuel Inventory


  • Manual Inventory entry (for sites without an ATG)
  • Manual Delivery entry (for sites without an ATG)
  • ATG Data Integration, recorded hourly
  • ATG data collection “now” for more immediate data needs
  • Estimated Runout, days, date and time
  • Inventory related data per tank
    • Percentage full (current volume as a percentage of full capacity)
    • Inventory gallons (current volume)
    • Ullage gallons (volume capacity between current level and 90%)
    • Runout estimation (weighted average usage calculated forward from current inventory)
    • Last delivery (date/time/volume of last recorded delivery)
    • Daily usage (average daily usage by day of the week for last 4 weeks)
    • Days inventory (days based on weighted usage data between current volume and 7.5% of capacity)
    • Inventory data that is able to be custom graphed for detailed analysis
      • Inventory gallons
      • Runout estimation
      • Last deliveries
      • Daily usage
  • BOL delivery entry
    • Date, Time, Gross, Net, and BOL number
  • All alarm/warning limits per tank
    • Max volume, High level, Overfill, Delivery needed, Low level, High water, Water warning, and Invalid fuel level

Alarm / Warning Management

  • Visibility of all active ATG alarms or warnings in application
  • Alarms are pushed via SMS/Text to a mobile phone
  • The ability to acknowledge and email an alarm/warning event
  • A historical record of all alarms, including acknowledgements
  • Alarm History
    • Date and time it became active
    • Date and time it cleared
    • Offending site and tank
    • Type of alarm/warning and category
    • Acknowledge status


  • Visibility of market dynamics
    • WTI Crude
    • Bent Crude
    • Natural Gas
    • AAA Street prices
    • Oil and Gas news

Site Management

  • Intuitive tab-style site navigation
  • Ability to group your sites as you wish for management purposes
  • Site information visibility
    • City, state, zipcode
    • Phone number
    • Site contact

Base Functionality

  • Secure Website Access
  • Supports scalable device viewing from PC, Tablet, or Mobile phone
  • Login and Password administration
  • Company administration
  • Site administration